Supplying Artwork - Old

To ensure your print job runs as smoothly as possible and meets your expectations always check and complete the following:

  • Spell check and proof read your job. Most programs come with a built in spell check option.
  • Create the document the actual size it will be printed to avoid confusion about the size and poor quality from enlargement.
  • Supply your file as single pages for book work and flat sheets or spreads are acceptable for book covers and folded jobs.
  • Ensure the colour mode is CMYK not RGB, including all images and vectors, to make sure the colour prints as you expect.
  • Make sure that any PMS colours or die lines separate correctly. Die lines should be set to overprint as a spot colour or supplied in a separate file.
  • All images must be 300ppi to give the best print quality.
  • Set all large areas of black to C40% M20% Y0% K100% to make sure you get a rich black.
  • Set all fine text to K100% only to make sure it prints nice and sharp.
  • Label your file so it is easily identifiable with your order.
  • If supplying working files make sure you supply all fonts and linked images that are not embedded or outlined.
  • When supplying artwork for envelopes there must be a 9mm margin from the edge.
  • Include 3mm bleed, crop marks and keep any text or borders 4mm away from the document trim/edge to avoid vital elements being trimmed.


Accepted Files and Programs

PDFs are the best format to supply your files as they reduce your file size and should be complete and ready to print. We always prefer ‘press quality’ high resolution PDFs with 3mm bleed. Make sure all fonts and images are embedded in the PDF.

We can accept the following formats:

Adobe Acrobat  Adobe_Indesign  Adobe_Illustrator  Adobe_Photoshop  Microsoft_Word  Microsoft_Excel  Microsoft_Publisher  Microsoft_Powerpoint

Although we prefer hi-res PDFs we can accept Adobe Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop files. We will also accept Microsoft Word, Publisher, Excel and Powerpoint documents although these files are not normally recommended for full colour printing and are unpredictable.

They are normally in an RGB colour format which is great for viewing on screen but not good for printing. We can convert them to the correct CMYK format but your colours will change, possibly looking dirty or dark. Printed colours are often different to what you see on screen - for example a very bright lime green may turn into a dark forest green. Fonts can also be slightly different from one PC to another and can throw out the formatting or may substitute to a default font with undesirable results. However, we can usually use these files without problems for general photocopying or digital colour printing - if you can, please PDF them using the ‘Press Quality Setting’ in Adobe Acrobat, making sure you embed the fonts and export with 3mm bleed and crop marks. Incorrectly supplied files may cause production delays and unexpected results.

If unsure about how to supply files or you can't supply any of these file types please contact our pre-press team who will be glad to help.

Supplying Files for Online Orders

When purchasing a product through our online shop, you will have the option to upload your artwork at the checkout stage of our store. If you prefer, you can email through your artwork specifying your order number.

Our prices include making your artwork print ready within reason, although if there are major adjustments required, we will contact you directly to adjust your invoice or advise what is required.

If you require graphic design please request a custom quote by contacting us via phone or email. If you have raised an order through our online shop and require graphic design, please specify what you require via phone or email and we can adjust your invoice to include artwork design.

If unsure about how to supply your files please contact our pre-press team who will be glad to help.

Ways to Supply your Artwork Files

Files can be supplied using the following formats:

  • Online upload at the checkout stage of the store.
  • Email for files below 10mb labelled with your order number.
  • FTP - for files over 10mb. Contact us for our Hightail link or go to
  • Via a Dropbox link.
  • Supply a USB drive.