Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Artwork

Why do you send me a proof when I have supplied the artwork?
This is so that you can check that everything you see is correct. Images and text can drop out of PDFs and other files if not setup correctly, fonts don’t always embed and pages can be corrupt. It also gives you the opportunity to make sure you have uploaded the correct file for printing. Once approved, we will not be responsible for any errors or omissions. Changes can be made although in some circumstances an additional artwork cost maybe required. Colour will appear different on screen and proofs are not supplied for colour purposes.

FAQ - Printing

What is full colour printing?
This is also called process printing and uses four colours to reproduce all the different colours and shades that you might see on the pages of a brochure for example. The colours are often referred to as CMYK - cyan, magenta, yellow and black, which is why we ask you to set up your artwork/images in this format so that they will print correctly and you will avoid undesirable results.

Do you guarantee colour matching?
All reasonable efforts shall be made by us to obtain the best possible colour reproduction on every job, but colour variation is inherent in the printing process whether printed by us or another company. Colours may vary from day to day, press to press and during a run. This is due to different press setups, types of paper, brands of ink, climatic conditions, ink coverage, dot gain and artwork design. Colours also viewed on screen will appear more vibrant compared to the printed result because of the light in your monitor. Colours and sharpness will also vary depending whether the stock is uncoated or coated or if you apply a gloss or matt celloglaze/lamination. If the job is a reprint we always keep previous samples and match the colours as close as possible. Please put previous invoice numbers in the comments section.

What paper types/brands do you use?
We use a range of different paper types and paper suppliers. These can change due to price, availability etc. From time to time certain paper or card stocks may be unavailable. We reserve the right to substitute any paper or card with an equivalent type of gsm paper without notice.

Do you print offset or digital?
We are proud to use both digital as well as offset presses in our production facility – Our digital press is not a digital photocopier, but a state of the art Xerox Digital Production Press. Depending on quantity, turnaround and press workloads, we may choose to print digital or offset.

FAQ - Wedding and Occasional Stationery

How much time should I allow for my wedding invitations?
Depending on the style and number of products you require it generally takes around 10-20 working days for design and production. If you need them earlier or for a particular date please specify when ordering or contact us.

Should I order extra invitations for spares?
We suggest always ordering a few blanks incase of last minute guests. This also allows for errors with names by yourself or a calligrapher if you don’t have them printed with names by us. Don’t forget to order one for yourself as a keepsake! Any additional invites at a later stage will be expensive as we will still require the same production setup.

What is the cost to post the invites?
It is recommended you check the current postage costs at Australia Post to ensure you attach the correct stamp/s required before posting them. Be aware that different envelopes sizes will vary in postage cost.

Can you print my guest’s names on the invitations and place cards and the addresses on envelopes?
Yes, we print guest names onto most invitations and envelopes. We can also customise place cards and other stationery if required. We require a word file or excel file with all names and addresses typed exactly how they are to appear. Download our Microsoft Word ‘Guest List Guide’. Please save your guest list as the brides full name ie ‘Guest List Jane Smith’ and email it through with your order.

Can I have one of your designs but in a different colour or font?
Of course our gallery is only a guide to what we can design and print. Our designers can create your invites in any style or design you wish.

Can I supply images for occasional stationery?
Yes, please contact us for a custom quote with a brief explanation of what you would like.