Pull-Up Banners for Video Conference Calls

The world in which we live has changed dramatically due to the virus. Not to mention the way in which we work. Those who would normally be in the workplace are now at home, connecting with their teams via various video conference platforms.

Now, there is plenty of joy in a viral video of someone’s professional call being interrupted by their children or pets in the background. But being the origin to one of these is not ideal!

Have you had to rearrange a good part of your living space just to accommodate a handful of video calls? Imagine if you could screen it off quickly without having to find a new home for your sideboard or bookshelves?

Pull-up banners have been utilised for many years now for promotional purposes. But they are a great backdrop for your video conferences! Got the kid’s toys strewn from one surface to another? Dishes in the sink you’ll get to later? Pull up the banner right behind your chair and it will screen everything out of your camera’s view.

Get in touch with us today to organise a pull-up banner design that will suit your working-from-home setup. Our awesome designers can talk you through your needs and organise to have it shipped directly to your door.

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