Print Design and Your Business

Whether or not you hear that print is dead, we are here to tell you that is far from true! While there are so many more options for advertising and marketing on digital platforms that didn’t exist even two years ago, there is still a place for print media to benefit your business. Here are just a few examples of print materials that are still alive and kicking:

 Business Cards

Business has always had a cornerstone in relationship building, and especially now in an age where communicating with one another is so instantaneous. Emails can be great in one respect, but impersonal in others. It should be important that (when you are able to) you meet with clients in person, and have a strong business card to present them to keep. Business cards are a supreme concentration of your brand, and having a professionally designed business card will ensure the impression you leave your client is a positive one, and they have a direct line of contact with you after that.

With Comps Slip

AKA – Thank-you Card; Promo Card etc. These cards or flyers are the little branded notes you see inside the parcels of your online shopping purchases. They can also be sent to clients as a personalised message after finalising a large project. It’s another reminder to your clients and customers to keep your brand front-of-mind.


Ever go into JB Hi-Fi and wonder what it would look like if they didn’t have all those posters hanging from the ceiling, or a clothing store without posters of their latest lines in their windows? Printed posters are a popular and ever interchangeable product for a business to have, especially if you have primary customer-facing locations. They allow an important message to be conveyed quickly and concisely.

NCR (no carbon required)

These types of print materials are still heavily utilised in the transport industry, and also by general trades and services. For record keeping these are great for several parties to have a copy of the same document, to ensure many variables are met and are traceable. Sometimes this can be done electronically of course, but there will still be industries where a physical document and it’s carbon copy are the most efficient way of logging important information.

Brochures / Flyers

There is such versatility in this genre of print materials, that it often has interchangeable terminology. An A4 folded to DL could be a promotional brochure for a company at a trade show, but a Menu for a takeaway restaurant. A flat A4 might be a flyer for a community event, or a POS display in a retail store.


We might be bias, but we don’t think there will be a day without books. Think of children’s books, recipe books, novels, magazines and more. To hold something weighty in your hands and be able to come back to it whether or not your WIFI is working still holds many benefits. There are just so many applications where the best way to display your information (whether text or image) is in a book form.

Talk to us about the best binding option for your book; whether it be saddle-stitched, wire bound or perfect bound, there are several variations to choose from.

Overall, print is in no way dead. Pubs still use coasters, restaurants still have menus, our politicians still love sending direct mail at election time. Browse our website and get in touch today to see how print material can benefit your business.

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