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Is print dead? No.

Print stands to prove itself as an excellent marketing channel, especially for the younger audience who have grown up with a forever surrounding digital presence. No matter what the age, people show a level of trust in what they read on printed media that is unnatainable in the digital world. As we move further into the digital age and we all start to focus our attention towards environmentally friendly practices, we tend to shut out things that we think are bad for the envrionment. There seems to be a negative stigma about printing, that we all waste paper after we read it and it just goes back into landfill to erode. In some cases, this is still true; people can't find a recycling bin so they throw the paper into the general rubbish bin. But the majority of us are doing the right thing, with 78% of paper products in Australia being recycled.

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May 5, 2016



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